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...Life as lemon pie~


4 September
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Kazuno 不思議の国
Name: Shuuen or Kazuno
Sex: Female
Birthday: 04/09
Zodiacal Sing: Virgo
Blood Type: XXX
Nationality: I speak spanish
Ocupation: Student, I think
Favorite color: Blue , Black, White, Grey, Red, Purple
Like: Music, Japan, Hair, Visual Kei, Rock, Guitars, Winter, Summer Yaoi, flowers, traveling, manga, cherry, lemon, cats, chocolate and other things
Dislike: garlic, choclo, stupid and silly people, reggeaton, go to school, cockroaches, worms and... many things
Hobby: Drawing, writting, playing guitar, playing PS2, PS1 and computer games
Mmm... sdasdsadasdsadasdasdasdasdasdasdsadas xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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